The best smartphones available for on the go gaming

Top Smartphones for Mobile Gaming

Advances in technology have kept up to date with the busy lifestyles of many and brought about the convenience of on the go gaming that rivals that of gaming consoles. Smartphones have become our most coveted items and nowadays come equipped with capabilities that allow top games to be enjoyed to the max.

Everything from graphics, sound and other game settings to loading and manoeuvrability through the game is just as good on many smartphones as it is on console. While on the go gaming is becoming better and better, there are certain aspects of smartphones that mean some are better devices than others to get the most out of mobile gaming.

There are many great smartphones that provide an excellent on the go gaming experience but some are just better than others for various reasons. As the debate between OS and Android remains as discussed as the debate between console and desktop, different devices appeal to different users. Regardless of OS, these are some of the top smartphones that are the best for gaming purposes.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered to be one of the best Android smartphones available. It offers an overall superior experience but boasts spectacular gaming performance. The gaming software features that made the Galaxy S7 so great have been enhanced to offer an even better Game Mode experience.

The Game Mode comprises of a Game Launcher where the games are stored and a Game Tools feature which allows for the ability to change the screen mode to accommodate unsupported games amongst other things such as blocking notifications and recording gameplay. The Galaxy S8’s hardware provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience with plenty of space and battery power, making it ideal for playing at Gaming Club NZ or any other mobile optimised site.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Before the S8 was the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone which in its time was the best mobile gaming smartphone. It is still a great gaming smartphone that has incredible hardware for quality graphics and display as well as quick charging time and long battery life.

The Galaxy S7 was the first to feature the Game Launcher software that acts as a game centre and was the first smartphone ever to support Vulkan API’s.

The Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone

In truth, the Sony Xperia X; Z3, Z4 and the Z5 all offer the Sony Remote Play experience for Playstation 4 owners but the Sony Xperia Z5 is the latest instalment and has the most up to date features.

The Sony Remote Play experience allows the home Wi Fi connection to stream to the smartphone and a connected Dualshock 4 controller is used to play. A game control mount can attach the smartphone to a controller for better gameplay.

The iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone

The iPhone 7 Plus offers an overall better gaming experience than the regular iPhone 7 because of its higher resolution and much larger screen space with the Full HD 1080x1920p LCD display. The high end version of this smartphone comes with more than 250 GB which is massive internal storage space for games.

The iPhone 7 Plus smartphone’s storage space and the A10 Fusion, that has a quad-core CPU, makes it an incredibly fast running device that can hold many games and have them run smoothly.