The best apps available for social media interconnectivity

The Best Social Media Apps Available Now

Social Media has taken the world by storm and propelled man to the forefront of face planted screen activity. You see it when you’re out dining at your favourite establishment, mommy and daddy sit engulfed in each other’s eyes, attempting to restore their glory date night years, while the little ones are distracted with a lovely 10 inch tablet, sucking their brains into the latest Angry Birds update.

Social Media is man interconnected with the world at its core level. It’s the fear of missing out that propels these channels to new heights. It provides us with updates on the world around us, keeps us engaged with friends and family and allows for a sense of community in an ever increasing, isolated online domain.

The following Social Media apps are at the pinnacle of the online realm. These apps allow for communication and engagement with a diverse assortment of audiences around the planet, making them the best apps for Social Media today.

WhatsApp Still Dominates Text

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world. Defined as an ad free instant messaging service that rapidly replaced SMS text messages.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and currently provides over 1,300,000,000 users with low cost messaging supporting alternative mediums such as video and still images.

With the massive scale of WhatsApp users, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a brilliant way to engage with a large following of potential customers. Everyone from Skrill NZ support services to online stores are considering using it to communicate with customers, and many are using it for advertising goods and services too. How should brands use WhatsApp to engage with customers though? It’s simple, just like Instagram’s stories; WhatsApp has introduced a Status panel. Here brands or top influencers can update their status to still images and or video clips, which engage with a large following, thereby, promoting a business/establishment.

Facebook Messenger App

Riding off the hugely popular Facebook platform, Facebook’s Messenger app allows its 1,200,000,000 users to interact with Facebook friends on independent IOS or Android based apps that connects to your Facebook account and allows you to message friends.

Originally known as Chat since its inception in 2008, Facebook messenger affords its users with a more dedicated way to chat. Marketing influencers can use Facebook messenger to connect with their friends on Facebook and extend personalized messages as part of a brands marketing strategy. This places FB messenger in one of the top driving seats as a front-runner in Social Media apps to use as part of your arsenal when implementing a Digital Marketing plan.

What About WeChat?

WeChat is making some smart moves as a messaging platform that has its sights set on expanding and assimilating itself into Social Media culture.

Innovative and versatile, WeChat was launched with one clear vision in mind. A fully-fledged stand-alone messaging app to accommodate growing demands for alternative methods to communication and engagement in and amongst online communities.

Sporting over 938,000,000 active users WeChat incorporates nifty features and has seen unprecedented growth in Africa through its unique QR code strategies, which has allowed the app to gain traction in a booming market. Other new releases include the launch of a WeChat Wallet, this will make processing payments far easier for those that don’t have access to web wallets such as PayPal.

Users can also follow other accounts and use the app as a Social Media tool, making it optimized for an all round online experience to engage and communicate with potential customers and or close friends/family.

The Legendary Tale Of Instagram

For those of you that had no idea, Facebook owns Instagram and that is precisely why as a Facebook page you have to option to link your Instagram and Facebook feeds in a seamless assimilation for versatile control over the two mediums.

Instagram is not just for foodies or those posting their hottest new outfits, it’s a versatile Social Media app where the word influencer is brought out into the light and praised by brightly lit spotlights and roses that are flung at top accounts.

It’s all about the followers on Instagram; you simply have the formula or you don’t. The app has gained momentum over the past few years for its easy to navigate interface where imagery is still king. The app populates photos and you can simply like photos and follow those accounts. This has led to the rise of the influencer marketer.

In influencer marketing; accounts with thousands of followed are approached by companies that wish to get their message across to a diverse audience quickly and effectively, as these accounts have already attracted a large viewing audience, substantiated by their mass following.

Instagram also made a bold move and improved on their overall user experience by incorporating a feature called Stories. In Stories users post an update in the form of a video and thus disappears after 24 hours. A feature that keeps Instagram users engaged and prompted to access the app more frequently.

Don’t Forget To Snap 

Snapchat with its 200,000,000 active users can never be disregarded as one of the best Social Media apps to infiltrate popular culture in our time. With its unique AI lenses, Snapchat saw a rocket boost in revenue and turned the Social Media Marketing game on its head.

By incorporating pixel vision into its videos and imagery the app saw a wide variety of companies interested in using these AI lenses for Marketing to a new age millennial customer base.

The app is also unfair in that all messages sent and read completely disappear,making for the ultimate in privacy when communicating online.

The Ride’s Not Over 

Social Media continues to expand and grow at the rate that technology grows. It’s inevitable; as humans progress and create more smart technology that can handle and process better apps, which assimilate into modern life and make day to day living easier, so will Social Media continue pioneering a path that strives to engage with people at their core.