Do You Really Need A Mobile Phone Upgrade Annually?

Annual Mobile Phone Upgrades

The mobile phone industry has settled into a schedule of new models being released on an annual basis. The two main competitors, Samsung and Apple, can be relied on to deliver a new model each year, which is great for a number of reasons. The industry moves along at a steady rate, and there is always something to look forward to. But, the question has to be asked; is it really necessary to buy a new model of mobile phone on an annual basis?

There are, of course, those who religiously get each new model phone from their favourite supplier. And, naturally, there is nothing wrong with this at all. Who wouldn’t want a new mobile phone each and every year? But, those who buy phones so regularly can be referred to as enthusiasts. But is it really necessary for the average person?

Let’s take a look and discuss a few of the pros and cons of getting a new mobile phone model on a yearly basis.

Advancement Is Slow

Sure, each new release of mobile phone will be trumpeted by the producing company, with attention drawn to the new features of the device. But anyone who pays close attention will surely have noticed that the advancements between each new model have become minimal. For the most part, each new model is simply a copy of the most recent version, with only a few changes made. And, it need to be pointed out, these changes are mostly negligible. The core functions of the phone, and the most used aspects, largely remain unchanged, and the user experience, whether playing the online slots Canada has to offer, or surfing the web, streaming or emailing, will remain much the same.

There have only been a few major mobile phone advancements since the early days of the technology, and not much at all that has shaken up the industry, at least to it’s core. A mobile phone from five years ago is not that much different from one released today. So, by all means, a person need not have really needed an upgrade for at least five years.

Security Improvements

The one aspect of mobile phones that has made significant upgrades, however, is related to security. Fingerprint recognition has been added to modern mobile phone devices, and the benefit of such a feature cannot be understated. This sort of security, known as biometric security, is hugely beneficial, and has greatly reduced the amount of theft resulting from stolen mobile phones.

This technology is also only getting better, with each new phone model, and so as far as phone security goes, getting new models annually does have it’s benefits. However, many would argue that it is not enough of a benefit to warrant purchasing a new phone yearly.

A Matter Of Preference

As with most things, getting a new model of phone really is a matter of preference. There will always be those who insist on a new phone each time a new model is revealed, but for the average person a new phone is really only required once in awhile, assuming that they wish to take advantage of added features. As to when the next major leap in technology happens remains to be seen, but likely won’t be for some time yet.