Clouds Dominate the Sky: How Cloud Technology is Changing Everything

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Cloud Technology Will Rule:

Although cloud technology has been around for a few years, it wasn’t fully developed and commercialized until recently. Three major competitors have emerged in the cloud market; Apple, Google, and Amazon. These three companies seem to be taking the cloud world by storm and are attracting new customers left and right. Cloud services allow users to upload files to the “cloud” to be stored instead of on their devices.

They can then access the files from their mobile devices or computers. Apple provides users with their “iCloud” service while Google provides users with “Google Play” and Amazon has their “Cloud Drive”.

Google Play
Google Play

Google Play Review:

My personal favorite player in the Cloud industry has to be Google’s new Google Play. It has worked flawlessly for me thus far and has great deals every day. Popular albums and books are extremely cheap when on sale.

So what are the most useful aspects of clouds? They for one save users large amounts of space on their devices, especially mobile devices where space can be scarce. Clouds can also provide wireless syncing of contacts, email, and multimedia which is very convenient and eliminates the need for clumsy sync cables. Clouds allow access to your content from anywhere.

This especially comes in handy when you are away or need a document for business. You can simply log on to the nearest computer and download whatever you need, instantly. Another question users may ask is regarding the cost of these cloud services. Apple doesn’t charge extra for their iCloud service but they do require that you have updated Apple devices in order to use the service.

Google Play is a completely free service and can be accessed from any device or computer. It even lets users let their friends listen to their music for free! Amazon’s Cloud Drive service is free for the first 5gb of storage used and can also be accessed from any computer. There are many questions associated with this new cloud technology but the biggest question is how high will you go with the innovative cloud services.

Tyler Mikulec