A List of The Best Games Available For iOS Smartphones

iOS Operating System

iOS has Apple’s signature top of the range software.  Research indicates that although Apple has the more diminutive market share, developers still gravitate towards designing their best apps for iOS first, so iOS users can be assured that the best quality games and apps are always available to them.

Whether you are a new iOS device owner, or a stalwart for the brand, we take a look at the best iOS apps being released for gaming in 2017:

  1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

This high-tech game matches the stakes in high fantasy stakes.  It is full of cyborg elves and corporations wielding mega magic.  Players become Shadowrunners, which are highly skilled operatives in black ops for the world’s clandestine conspiracies, governments, and mega corps.

  1. Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga games combines games from a variety of genres – adventure style decision making via text, and the combat of tactical RPG’s.

In any fight, players are in charge of as many as 6 fighters, selected from a larger group of personnel that varies according to one’s decisions and performance throughout the game.  The battles play out with each move providing the opportunity for the protagonist of the game to move a certain number of places and then do an action for example a weapon attack, a melee or a magic or support action.

  1. Her Story

This in an interactive mystery game.  Players take on the role of an anonymous user looking through old interview murder case tapes. You have to go through a load of disorganised video clips, and using these clips, solve the mystery of the murder using your own personal detective skills.

The clips have been transcribed so there is the functionality of searching words using a search box, but otherwise you are on your own in terms of identifying the murderer.

The script for this game is extremely realistic and well written.  One’s gaming experience while playing Her Story depend entirely on the order in which you watch the tapes, how you search, and the conclusions you come to by the information the tapes provide.

  1. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley was one of the best iOS games ever devised, so it stands to reason it now has a sequel. Monument Valley 2 is in keeping with the look and feel of the original game, except the graphics in the sequel are better.  Colour splashes alongside the welcome feature look almost like another character to be controlled. It is as exciting as online blackjack NZ games in that you need to use strategy to triumph and the sequel is a definite improvement on the original.

  1. Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing is a game that features top down vehicles shooting around extremely tricky circuits.  The vehicles accelerate of their own accord, so players have only steering to assist them in navigating the track.

  1. Ellie and Max

This is a puzzle game likened to Monument Valley.  The aim of the game is re reunite Ellie, with her dog, Max, in as few moves as possible.

The game is very nice to look at and during play, one can collect all different types of costumes which turn Max the dog, into a variety of different aliases.  There are a variety of checkpoints throughout the game, so even if players experience setbacks, they never have to start from scratch.