Windows Phone “Smokes” Samsung Nexus Video?

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Windows Phone versus Samsung Nexus:

We bring you what must be one of the most embarrassing episodes in the whole history of “my phone is better than yours” boll***ks.

Please watch as Ben Rudolph from the Windows Phone Blog team gets some poor self deprecating Samsung kiddo to “compete” with him in a vain attempt to show the world that his new Sammy phone is indeed a little bit slower than a new Windows Phone doing a status update to Facebook.

@BenThePCGuy will indeed offer you $100 dollars to compete in tests that he organises on areas that he knows his Windows phone will win on.

Brilliant. Nothing like controlled show boating to win the masses over.

You should go work for Apple at this rate Ben.

Windows phone maybe quick to update facebook et al but has no apps:

You know what, there is nothing us British hate more than showboating Americans, so Ben, if your putting your new device on the line and shouting from the rooftop to tell the world how good the Windows phone O/S is, and then getting them to shame themselves with a board to add to their humiliation (admittedly their fault for being so stupid, I will not hold that against you fully).

Then let me give you some food for thought also…

Currently the new Windows Phone O/S is great to use….but!

As a one trick pony, Windows Phone O/S lacks in depth of functionality beyond social media on the main few platforms for the simple reason that it currently has no decent applications other than Facebook and Twitter.

No apps no game:

Until this changes significantly, I am afraid that all Windows phones are sub standard when compared to the functionality offered by most Android devices and Apple iOS devices.

The trouble is that while Ben can indeed turn a pretty quick status update on his lovely Windows phone, he would be pretty stuck to do anything else on the device such is the lack of applications available.

Now if you are going to boast about your operating system, take a look at what “Users” of Apple devices do to show the world how much enjoyment they get out of their device when they used a suite of iPads to Remix an entire song live:

So yes, if you are itching to save 1 second per status update, then please go and get yourself a shiny new Windows Phone, especially a Nokia Lumia series device, but if you are not that bothered about being so quick, do not listen to quick handed Ben, and go get yourself an Apple, HTC, or Samsung device or better still wait for the new iPhone 5 release coming some time soon.

Want to watch Ben The PC guy make a tit out of a young guy? We got a video for that, but no app to show it on:

Yes if you are using a Windows Phone to read this article and now want to watch the video below, you may want to watch this video on your lovely Windows Phone YouTube application, but why bother, as it is just a link to the Youtube site! And not a real application from Microsoft….Crap!

Anthony Munns