Will Internet TV Take Off In 2012

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Internet TV: A Growing Industry

If anyone were to ask me for my prediction as to which technology market will have the largest growth in the next year, I would answer Internet TV.

Internet TV is a relatively new concept in the technological world and it is growing fast.

Internet TV
Internet TV

People are getting tired of paying for TV services when they can get most of their shows and movies through sources online or Internet TV Devices, these sources are cheaper and more convenient to users who can access whatever content they’d like at whatever time they’d like for little or no money at all.

My favorite way to enjoy Internet TV is through my Roku. Roku is an Internet TV device similar to Apple TV that allows for streaming of multiple services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and the new Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Options for Internet TV:

Roku is cheap and certainly gets the job done, it is small, portable, and provides flawless streaming. Although my Roku is my favorite choice of Internet TV Devices, there are many more including Apple TV and the developing Google TV.

No matter which device you use, Internet TV provides many unique features that will propel it above and beyond traditional TV providers. It allows you to have any media you want at your command. Most Internet TV Devices allow users to access not only TV shows and movies, but music, games, and photos.

These devices can turn any average living room into a multimedia center. My favorite times to use my Internet TV Device is for when I’m hosting parties, having a movie night with friends, or to catch up on my favorite shows. TV is one of the last remaining areas of technology that hasn’t fully adapted to the internet, now is its time. Please leave your thoughts below.

Tyler Mikulec