White Samsung Galaxy Nexus Available In February Official Images

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Official White Galaxy Nexus Images:

Google once again chose Samsung to be the manufacturer of their latest Ice Cream Sandwich enabled device the Galaxy Nexus (Prime in the US). And while there have been some discussions of Galaxy Nexus signal issues initially with the device, it has by and large received a warm and welcome reception for its high end specs, design and functionality.

Do you love the Samsung galaxy range? And you are now in the market for a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus but do not want to look like the rest of the madding crowd, if so, what do you do?

Would you simply get the original Galaxy Nexus model that came out late last year and put a skin on it to make it look unique?

Or, would you prefer to wait for the arrival and release of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white?

Well do not get too over excited just yet, as it looks like the arrival may not be until February and the actual colour maybe more half and half if this product shot is anything to go by, but it is coming and it looks pretty neat.

Clove the UK device retailer state:

First stock due week commencing February 6th

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus Official
White Samsung Galaxy Nexus Official

No US release date just yet:

US readers will know this device as the Samsung Galaxy Prime, and we are unsure if the white version is currently available for you, or indeed will ever be made an official release, but it does appear to be coming to UK shores on February.

I have to say that I really like this device having played around with it a few times of recent, I feel that ICS has one up on Gingerbread in terms of lag and general feel, it has that lovely responsiveness that you come to expect of high end phones and I actually feel is lacking on the Samsung S2.

What do you make of the design, is it a bit cheeky calling it white when the front seems so dark, and only the back and sides really have the signature white look applied?

Anthony Munns