UK Google Maps For Train Times

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Google UK train times:

Google has utilised its Maps technology and teamed up with to bring a new service aimed at letting us Brits know how late our trains will be.

A very useful service in a country with a notoriously sh***e train network that rips us off daily.

But I have to say that this all looks pretty good, and makes booking and planning journeys a little easier, I use application all the time for checking times of trains but have to say I never book from it, I simply use it as a timetable and for that it works very well, integrating with google maps makes sense but not sure quite how much use it will get from that route, pun intended.

Olympics is the big picture:

Not one to miss out on a possible method of gaining more customers via helping them out, it seems that Google and will all benefit from this sharing of data coming in just in time for the Summer Olympics in London and elsewhere around the UK.

The plan being that visitors can better schedule their days activities if they can see an actual map of where they are going and get access to train times while they are at home on a PC.

No mobile device feature just yet:

Though I suspect this move would like to be very much aimed at mobile device owners, there is no news if it will work on mobile devices just yet, but if it does beware of battery life!

Speaking about the map integration with Google’s Ed Parsons, said:

“Google Maps seeks to provide a wide range of relevant local information, and public transport station and schedule information is definitely a part of that,”

Now using it is as simple as getting your ass over to the UK version of google maps and clicking on “Get Directions”.

Once clicked you set your starting location and end destination and then look for the train icon to get the information you will need to get to that place and how easy it will be by train.

The new collaboration will bring data from 8,000 bus stops and more than 250 tube stations as well as 2,500 railway stations across 170,000 routes nationwide.

Anthony Munns