Ubuntu On Android – A Revolution In Operating Systems?

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Ubuntu Android Mobiles Operating System:

With Apple’s iOS and OSX operating systems converging ever more and Windows is doing the very same thing with Windows 8 and their metro style interface that will allow users to share a unified operating system experience on tablet and PC and *eventually ITG’s much rumoured brick of a phone the xpPhone 2.

*this seems a little unclear but has been talked about very recently, and appears that a windows phone by the name of xpPhone 2, could be arriving soon, and will run on windows phone 7/8.


If they pull this off it could be the first universal PC that can morph into a PC, notebook, GPS Sat Nav, via the addition of various attachments.

So are Ubuntu about to enter the market in the same way or is this a different value proposition they are offering their.

So what are Ubuntu doing in this space?

Ubuntu’s proposition is to allow smartphone owners running Android the option to dock your phone with the Ubuntu for Android operating system on and all your devices functionality would then be available in a fully functioning desktop operating system.

The pitch to Android device manufacturers is to have this operating system embedded into the new device so it is available by default.

So once docked your phone will work as usual and your monitor attached will be used for texts or answering calls, plus all your applications that were contained on your device.

As was pointed out by Drew Olanoff writing for The Next Web this approach could become very attractive to IT professionals who want to ensure that their staff are able to use both a desktop and mobile with out the associated costs of owning both, now you would pretty much just need a monitor to be able to plug in your phone and work as normal from a unified device wherever this was an option.

This should also decrease the risk of security issues with less devices to worry about.

Now all we need is a thin Graphene based screen that we can roll up and use with a simple wire framework at the back of it that we can pop in a case and use as a screen holder when needed at the office, truly mobile computing with ease…..screen manufacturers take note!

Anthony Munns