Solar Flare Blast Strongest in 7 Years Could Mess Your Mobile Phone Signal

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Solar Flare hits Earth:

A massive Solar Flare eruption from the Earths huge radiator and light giver, the Sun, has produced so much radiation that it could cause danger to people traveling in planes and also to communication devices reliant on radio frequencies such as your mobile phone.

Solar Flare Could Affect Your Mobile But Who Cares It Looks Great!
Solar Flare Could Affect Your Mobile But Who Cares It Looks Great!

The Solar Blast was recorded on video below and happened on January the 22nd, 2012, the actual blast which resulted in energized solar proton particles was sent hurtling to Earth at some 93 million miles an hour…though I also read 4….!..Either way pretty fast.

As a precaution for people on planes, it seems that flights flying in and around the polar region could well be re-routed as these are the only paths thought to be at serious risk, according to scientists there appears to be no risk for people on the actual Earth. ranks the geomagnetic storm as an S3, meaning “strong”, there are noticeably tow other more extreme levels than this on the scale.

NASA claims that the six astronauts on board the international space station will not be affected by the blast of radiation.

With radiation storms such as this one an aesthetic legacy of the blast comes in the form of some lovely shots of the Earths “Aurora” as the light particles shift through different wavelengths causing some interesting light effects to be seen, so stay peeled for setting and rising suns with your camera phone or digital SLR if your old school like me!

Solar Flare Yorkshire
Solar Flare Yorkshire

Experts say the blast will continue to bathe our planet with lovely gene warping radiation until Wednesday, now excuse me while I scratch my third leg.

Anthony Munns