Samsung S3 April Release Date?

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Samsung S3 April release?

According to a report in CNET and referencing a Russian blogger going by the name of Eldar Murtazin who runs the Samsung S3 will make an appearance at MWC next month in Barcelona and will then appear on shelves in April.

Ok so it has gone away now, but for a brief period you could clearly see that a new model had arrived in Samsung’s inventory on their website.

Samsung GT i9300
Samsung GT i9300

The GT-I9300 was in that familiar drop down until rumours about this being the Samsung S3 obviously came flooding out.

So what was it and why would it possibly have been there for a short period?

Well my hunch is it was a tech issue, or in a more cynical plot it would have been done to stir up a little free press and start those huge rumour wheel mills up again, and here we are stoking that fire once more, how predictable we are..;)

Officially it would seem that Samsung have not got a release date and they are still in the process of sorting out the date details.

It will be interesting to see just how good the new battery will be on the Samsung S3 and I for one hope they give me one to test out as the Samsung S2 which I currently use was slated rather a lot due to the pi** poor battery life, and with Samsung telling the world that their 2012 range of smartphones will last a full day of moderate to heavy use, I am waiting to test this out.

Anthony Munns