Samsung S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Update March 15th

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ICS Update For Samsung Galaxy S2:

Well good people the day has arrived when you can get yourself the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich Update for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Or has it?

As Samsung seem to have gone back on their word and dismissed told Korean twitter followers that the 10th of March release date is not valid.

Other news related to the release of the highly anticipated ice cream sandwich update for the s2 have also been dismissed as a mistake from the Israeli Samsung Facebook page.

Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung S2 Update
Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung S2 Update

Android a bit of a mess:

Android is hardly a new operating system but at the same time it is far from a relic. But what Android is managing to do with aplomb is alienate various device owners who feel cheated when their own perfectly capable devices are not quickly furnished with new variants of the Android operating system based on.

Fragmentation is forcing people to go back to Apple or consider Windows for that more unified and safe feeling you get from a steady roll out schedule for new operating systems, and I can understand that mentality totally.

I am torn between the Apple and Android on my next update, which has to be a bad thing when the whole Android eco-system could have swallowed me up over 2 years and made me a happy droid user. But, it has not. And for that reason I may switch.

Apple lost me on an under performing 3GS handset, Android may lose me on a decidedly average operating system (IMHO) that appears to be constantly reinventing itself with issues present in many cases.

This is not an Apple is better rant, it is a Samsung/Android is a bit crap rant.

So what can we expect when they finally work out how to release the Ice Cream Sandwich update on the Galaxy S2 that does not melt your handset or force you to only use it while wearing brightly colored pink underpants in the setting sun.

Well there are some nice features we can expect to see I must say:


  • Face Unlock
  • Glowing-blue interface
  • Multi-tasking system


Yes I look forward to seeing the update and will be taking Samsung up on the offer but I will not be rushing into it for fear of issues that have plagued other owners of Android devices suffering at the hands of an early release.

I will keep you posted on the hopefully smooth final release.

Anthony Munns