Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date And 3D Rumor

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Samsung galaxy S3 may get 3D capability:

We have already discussed how the Samsung galaxy S3 may come with a whole raft of new features, and we have touched on the fact that 3D is a possibility, however news from IBTimes suggest that the rumour could hold a little more merit, and rather than one model with 3D, it appears that there could be two variations, a standard HD model and an enhanced 3D model, depending on how you look at it.

If a 3D enabled device does emerge it will be using dual cameras to the rear of the device to capture the 3D information.

And the 3D will likely be of the “glasses free” variety meaning that you will be able to tell that it is 3D without those funky looking specs. And the display is also going to be in the region of 4.2 and 4.65 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S3 February release date:

Will the rumor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date be true. If so it could be an interesting early start to 2012.

Now what I am unsure about is if 3D technology is actually a game changer just yet. I am much more intrigued to see if it will have a quad core processor and actually be able to handle the power contained with its own battery!

What would you like to see in the new Samsung S3, are you going for a 3D enabled device so you can play games on it or are you hoping the battery life is better than on the S2?

Please do, as always, tell all in the comments below.

Anthony Munns