Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Photos

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Galaxy S3 Leaked Photos From CES 2012:

This years CES was by and large quite dull for me, yeh, we saw a few fantastic looking new devices such as a new Lenova Intel K800 smartphone and some cool cameras and TV’s, but to be honest nothing at all really made me go WOW….I am open to suggestions though, as there was a fair bit of “stuff” being shown and only so many hours in the day!

What has caught my eye today though, is the suggestion that the new Samsung S3 may have been spotted by “accident” in the Samsung show at CES 2012.

Here is the picture of a device that could just be a mock up or may in fact be what the new device will look like, and if it as an edge to edge device then we are sure it may feature Gorilla Glass 2 which is a remarkable material that was a plus point of CES 2012 and we covered it here.

Samsung S3 Leaked Shot CES 2012
Samsung S3 Leaked Shot CES 2012

And if that was not enough, here is video suggestion that this device could in fact be the new Samsung S3 and it comes in at the 7.12 mark.

With a similar camera placing as the S2 it could be a close replica of what to expect from Samsung in the coming few weeks and months.

We have already talked about a Samsung Galaxy S3 release date but to be honest it is all pretty much rumor right now.

What do you think to this photo, more like a beefed up Galaxy Note or could it indeed be a Samsung S3?

Anthony Munns