Samsung Galaxy S Advance Plus More Coming Soon

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Samsung Galaxy Advance smartphone:

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 due for release some time soon, though it now appears not to be unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona, news from Samsung still suggests that 2012 may well be another busy year for the South Korean technology giant.

With rumors emerging that a brand new Samsung Tab will be unveiled at MWC and on extended advert for this years Super Bowl XLVI.

The new Samsung S3 is expected to be a more powerful duel or quad core device with a massive 12 mp camera and a slightly larger 4.5 inch + screen, I am seeing this trend more and more for high end smartphones, where we are very much seeing the luxury end of the phone world go super size and what would basic science tell you that you needed to do to make a smartphone battery last longer?

Make the damn things bigger, and if you do that you can increase that lovely screen real estate, so this does appear to be the way forward.

Rather than slimmer we are going larger.

And if it helps Samsung’s promise that smartphone owners will get a full day on moderate to heavy use on one charge come true for 2012 devices then so be it, it seems like a win-win all round for me.

Back to the “Advance” the Ford of smartphones:

The new Samsung Galaxy Advance will be running on Gingerbread and will house a 1Ghz processor and a pretty sizable’s 4 inch Super AMOLED screen, capable 5Mpx camera with 1,3 MP facing option, and will come with ChatON, Samsung cross-platform communication service.

As is usual with these slightly cheaper options they are intended for markets that have a little less disposable income on average, but from what I can gather this device is pretty damn sweet if it is to be cut price.

Initial markets that will see the device include, Russia, in February of 2012, and then a global release will bring in other countries and territories such as China, Europe, African Middle East, Southeast and Southwest Asia.

Anthony Munns