Samsung Galaxy Note Update – No Ice Cream Sandwich But Worth It

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Samsung update Galaxy Note but not with ICS:

With the UK seeing the arrival of a White Galaxy Note today.

Older owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note have been waiting for news about its future upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, but with the debacle that has ensued for many devices it looks like Samsung are playing it safe with thsi new update and not giving ICS a chance to cause havoc on more happy new customers.

Firmware update not ICS:

While I can see the disappointment in peoples faces already, all is not lost with his update as it does appear to offer some significant improvements even if it is only a bit of a make-up job, so here is what will be included with the update:


  • Set brightness levels for browser to save some juice
  • Improved lockscreen with arrows around the padlock, encouraging you to swipe to unlock.
  • Preinstalled torch widget that supports three different brightness levels
  • Keyboard now has five rows with the number row being always visible
  • New “one hand” mode that shrinks the layout, making it easier to type with one hand only.
  • Calendar app now supports different date formats


It appears that the update is only for devices that are unlocked and it will be rolling out right about now, with carriers bringing the update to owners at a later date. This will be to ensure that they dont p*** off more people with an unstable update that can and does occur…wise move I say.

Are you wishing that this was more of an Ice Cream Sandwich flavour than a tarted up gingerbread?

Anthony Munns