RIM’s Blackberry Roadmap For 2012 Leaked

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RIM have a roadmap:

Yes RIM do indeed have a plan to take the Canadian corporation out of their current dark alleyway, with a new RIM CEO and upper management structure taking shape, and with this leaked blackberry roadmap, it is intriguing to see what they have in store over 2012.

Blackberry Roadmap
Blackberry Roadmap

So as you can see, RIM will be bringing out a new line of Curves and a Wi-Fi media server, as well as an upgrade across the board from BB7 to BB7.1.

In keeping with some peoples current suggested thoughts on the direction that RIM should consider, it would appear that the first smartphone to be produced on the new Blackberry 10 O/S will be codenamed “London” and could be the flagship smartphone that many have suggested could be the way forward for Research In Motion and their new O/S.

With a release date schedule of September 2012 or later, this phone could be the start of a recovery or be a tipping point when the company realise they have perhaps ditched the baby(s) with the bathwater!

The question remains what will RIM do in terms of setting their stall out as still being very much business centric or now more interested in your average consumer or will they pitch for a bit of both, one thing is for certain, they need to now keep an eye out on IBM and HTC after they make plans to release enterprise technology using the Android operating system that could well eat into both Apple and RIM Blackberry devices sales in the near future.

We look forward to seeing how RIM shape up in 2012, good luck I say.

Anthony Munns