Photo Sharing Trends Alter As Mobile Uploads See Huge Increase

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Photo Sharing Trends – Mobile Increase:

According to a semi-recent blog post by Photobucket who are now independent again after leaving the internet innovation killing clutches of News Corp and detailed in an article on The Next Web.

Photobucket’s most recent report, based on the earlier method of data collection above was compiled in December of 2011 and has shown that the rise in mobile video uploads as well as mobile photography has been consistent as expected.

*Kodak should perhaps be taking note if they are to ever think about releasing any more digital cameras, dont.

Using thier 100 million subscribers, Photobucket also delivered data shared via an infographic below that highlights how people are using their mobile device and photobucket in general, this makes for interesting reading and in particular shows that we not only use our mobile more as a capturing device but we are also getting more content uploaded in general as us humans seemingly must find the choice of device much easier than whipping out a camera to use, this make a lot of sense.

Why mobile phones are so good for taking pictures:

As a semi professional photographer who gets roped into doing good friends wedding pictures quite happily, I know that this heading is against ‘purist’ photographer mentality.

But it is true that mobile devices are great for picture taking and the infographic highlights this…why?

A number of reasons:

One, mobile devices are pretty much always with us and can be ready to take pictures in a few seconds maximum.

And also because there are cool applications that make your pictures look trendy, encouraging people to take shots and apply some effects from the likes of apps like instagram etc and then upload to facebook, photobucket, whatever they wish.

Though it is also intriguing to note that consolidation seems to be taking place and I can only imagine this is as people are getting tired of spreading their content around thinly and now only focus (ha ha ha) on a few photo sharing sites.

Android and Apple rule mobile uploads:

According to “internal data” not verified here at Mobile Inquirer Photobucket sees 25% of mobile content being uploaded from Apple devices and the remaining from Android devices, yes the full 75%.

I wonder if Windows users just have no inherent creative talent or a lack of friends in general…oh I forgot they are always busy fixing stuff.

CEO of Photobucket Tom Munro states:

“We saw explosive growth in mobile in 2011; in fact, we topped 10 million mobile downloads to end the year,”

Sharing very popular:

We know that sites such as Facebook have become great big repositories of crappy photos from drunken nights out and such like, but photobucket is also in on the game here with their applications such as Snapbucket being used more and more by snap happy users, thus allowing the sharing of content to a wider audience via this technology.

With Google photos looking to get in on the game we wait to see what will happen in this dynamic field of technology.

Enjoy the infographic:

Photo Sharing Trends 2011
Photo Sharing Trends 2011 - Photobucket
Anthony Munns