Panasonic Eluga Like A Bloody Big Waterproof Whale

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Panasonic Eluga:

Thank god this new device is waterproof as you are bound to have to protect it from hurls of vomit when someone asks what it is called…..its an Eluga fair lady, I own an Eluga….cue…..puke….and run.

I love Irony and can not help but laugh at such a terrible name for a phone, the Eluga will be a phone designed for the European market and obviously the UK market seen as it is weatherproof and of course it would be waterproof when it sounds like a species of whale.

It is likely to arrive in Spring 2012 and will also feature a dustproof design with a 4.3 inch high resolution 960 x 540 display.

There is talk that Panasonic will be adorning this new device with an OLED screen display but there seems to be no concrete news of that just yet.

Lightweight phone:

Running on Android the new smartphone will also be a comparatively light device at only 103g, the device will nicely marry up to your Panasonic TV (assuming you have one) and will allow you to transfer information quickly and offer the ability to swipe photos etc using the Smart Viera application.

There is very little extra news on this new phone other than what we have here but it will be an interesting entrance to the space dominated by the likes of Samsung, Apple and HTC.

There are reports that the smartphone will get an Ice Cream Sandwich update in the summer.

Anthony Munns