O2 Send Your Mobile Phone Number To All Websites You Visit

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o2 sending your phone number to websites:

UK mobile customers of o2 have phone numbers sent via header information to all websites you visit.

Thanks to the ever sharp Tom Warren who now writes for The Verge I can confirm that o2 have indeed been seemingly rather naughty when it comes to sharing your personal data to the database of website owners via o2’s use of transparent proxies.

O2 Send Mobile Numbers To Websites
O2 Send Mobile Numbers To Websites

Yes, if you have been visiting websites from your o2 phone via an o2 data plan you will almost definitely have been sending your phone number to that sites database, such is the current configuration of how HTTP requests are communicated via o2.

This site run by Lewis Peckover found and made public the issue that will have many people worried, and allows you to test your o2 device.

How to stop broadcasting your mobile phone to websites you visit?

Thanks to pocket lint please follow these steps to stop this action taking place.

Go to settings:

APN: mobile.o2.co.uk

Username: bypass

Password: password

Other networks affected by the issue:

It seems from tests done over at the Verge that Three and Vodafone are not affected by this issue.

Currently it appears that only o2’s Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile are doing the same, we will try to keep you updated on any further news on other networks that are also sending private information such as this to websites unknowingly for customers.

A spokesperson at o2 states they are:

“investigating this at the moment and will update everyone as soon as [they] can,”

Does this annoy you that your personal number have been shared to websites you have been visiting?

Anthony Munns