Motorola Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Coming

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Motorola confirm Xoom WiFi Ice Cream Sandwich Update:

We already reported that its was likely that Motorola would officially announce that they will be releasing the Android 4.0 Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich update for the WiFi model soon enough, and we now have confirmation from the company that the update is scheduled to arrive OTA (over the air) in the coming weeks.

Starting today, the ICS upgrade will begin rolling out in phases over the course of a few weeks, so look for a notification on your device when it’s ready for download – and enjoy!

Users will start to see notifications when they are connected to the internet via WiFi, and once you decide to go for the update you should in theory be able to enjoy a better browsing experience, have access to a data manager, a new app-launcher and improved typeface to give your device that makeover it perhaps needed or you felt inclined to oblige see as it is now available!

Not the most popular of tablets:

While many thought it was a decent competitor to the first Apple iPad, honeycomb O/S proved a bit buggy and the price at launch was so steep it put many off, this trend continued and since launch the device only sold around 250,000 in its first quarter release, dropping to 100,000 in the last quarter recorded.

Motorola do however have more tablets up their sleeves with the arrival of the Xoom 2 tablets which incorporate the 10.1 and 8.2 inch Xyboard on Verizon, these new devices are more powerful, lighter and thinner than the previous Xoom and come with ICS as standard.

We just hope that the update does not come plagued with problems as it has for so many other tablets and smartphones doing the Ice Cream Sandwich dance since now.

Anthony Munns