MiVeu – Extreme Sports Lovers May Like This iPhone Tool

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Extreme sports filming with your iPhone and MiVeu:

As some of you will know I enjoy taking my trusty old mountain bike out for a few rides a week, nothing too hairy, but nice and muddy where possible and as fast as I can go when safe(ish).

I have indeed filmed these outings on more than one occasion on my Samsung S2 and as you can see hear it looks crap…this is mainly because I am a total tool and hold it in one hand while flying down a dirt track with just one hand holding my handlebars, cue broken rib the other month, though actually not because I was filming, something even more dumb than that……I digress.

MiVue iPhone Camera Mount And Case
MiVue iPhone Camera Mount And Case

Step in MiVeu – For Extreme Sports Lovers – unlike me:

Now I have to say that this tool is perfect for taking that image stabilized iPhone 4S footage of pretty much any sport you can think of with your iPhone. At $80 it sounds a bit steep but is cheap when compared to the GoPro Hero2.

The whole package comes complete with a custom optical glass lens, this makes the viewing angle that little bit wider, and also comes with an easy to use shutter button so you can control the phone even when it is encased so starting and stopping the recording process is so much easier than having to take the device out and start it before you put it into place to record, and vice versa.

With a harness attaching to your chest this can be used to mount your iPhone pretty much anywhere you want on your body, so is perfect for extreme type sports or combat sports when placed on your knee or shoulder etc, this is a great video acquisition tool for fast paced or dangerous action based footage.

On top of the harness you also have the option of using a universal bracket attachment that will allow you to mount your iPhone onto ski’s or your mountain bike itself etc.

If you are looking to learn more go visit their website here:

Anthony Munns