iPhone 5 Release Date And Larger 4 Inch Screen

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iPhone 5 release date update and rumour mill time again:

Oh I know you all get a little tired of these stories but they have to surface from time to time.

Yes it appears a Foxconn employee (of the unnamed variety of course) has let the cat out of the bag in terms of what we can come to expect from the new version of the Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5.

And if these rumours are to be believed from 9to5 mac then you may well be in for a treat as the increased screen real estate is something I think the iPhone does need to address, especially with such a huge amount of wasted space at either end of the casing to utilise in the way that the Samsung S2 does.

So what is the substance behind these reports?

Well it is one of those “reliable sources” again, much like Tomato Ketchup or a good old drop of Brown, these sources keep turning up and delivering the bread and butter rumours just in time for a little traffic boost when needed and who are we to miss out on some of that juiciness.

In this particular rumour yarn, it appears that a number of prototypes are floating about the Foxconn production plant with common features being a 4 inch display and a differently designed casing to house the new iPhone 5.

In terms of how this casing may look, it appears that it will be:

“No teardrop-shaped devices, as rumoured in the lead up to the iPhone 4S,”

And that if anything the design looks a lot more symmetrical:

“Samples so far have been symmetrical in thickness (also longer/wider).”

In all honesty I have a hunch this may all actually be true, and we will see a slick edge to edge display and a much more angular design which would be in keeping with current trends, yes Apple like to be trend setters in general, but sometimes they do follow suit for a while.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date
Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 summer release date?

On the back of the fact that the iPhone 5 seems to be still in prototype, “oooh I say, do you like this?” stage, and the next stage being full on production, it only takes a man with a small brain such as myself to surmise that the actual release date of the iPhone 5 is not likely to be before June but may well be in the coming months after.

Keeping up to the usual Apple product cycle, many believe that this release date will actually be Summer or early Autumn.

iPhone 4ssssss:

One thing is for sure, we do expect that the next iteration of the iPhone will indeed be the much anticipated iPhone 5 and not an iPhone 4SGetc…

Anthony Munns