iPhone 4S Riots In Sanlitun Beijing China

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Apple iPhone 4S release sees riots in China:

What with RIM having riots in Indonesia, it seems that the world of mobile tech they all copy each other, now its Apples turn to hit the headlines after a major situation occurred in China following the release of the iPhone 4S to the Chinese market at one of their flagship stores in Sanlitun, Beijing.

With thousands queuing up outside for a chance to get the device as soon as possible, it appears that Apple took the precaution of simply not opening up shop for fears that they could not manage the madding crowds effectively, this of course resulted in fights, eggs been thrown and calls of “liar” and “cheats” at teh Apple and staff on top of all this SWAT teams were called in to manage the violence, and effectively managed to disperse crowds by 10.00 A.M.

Scalpers to blame for iPhone 4S riots in China:

“Scalpers” are common in China, and it is reported in Reuters that gangs were employing hundreds of people to queue to get a chance to buy the new iPhone 4S stock and resell it at a premium once it had all been sold.

You can still get some phones from online stores in China:

Apple store online and China Unicom.

Other stores in Beijing and Shanghai opened and sold as usual.

Apples fear of losing control:

Could it be that Apple are simply so scared of not being able to micro manage all potential buyers, that there is a limit to how many people can actually consider coming into an Apple store?

On my estimation they would have need 30,000 Chinese Apple Store members to effectively “welcome”, in typical Apple style, this crowd of 10,000 strong Apple iPhone lovers.

Though, I have to say, if they were to ever deliver on this, they are surely in the best country in the world to try it!

Anthony Munns