iPad 3 To Be $100 Cheaper iPad 4 To Arrive With Killer Applications Later

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Apple will reduce the cost of the iPad 2 in the next few weeks during an expected iPad 3 launch:

Apple may decide to reintroduce the ageing iPad 2 as a reduced $299 offering after the rumoured iPad 3 launch later this month.

iPad 3 Release Date
iPad 3 Release Date

With Apple looking to offer two or more iPad models, the release of the iPad 3 is expected to be in the next few weeks at the iWorld expo on January the 26th-28th, we hear that this new model may mean that the current iPad 2 will come in at a lower price as a result, and that the iPad 3 may come in two variations also.

The new iPad 3 is rumored to be coming with a 9.7 inch QXGA screen and a display resolution of some 2048 x 1536 with an A6 SoC.

But there is talk that this new iPad may have a slightly weaker cousin with a less able camera and poorer quality screen, with subtle differences such as the lower priced model having only a 5 MP camera, and using a 1024 x 768 resolution while the more expensive iPad will have an 8MP offering, exactly what else will be added to the new model remains to be seen.

Apple supply chains confirm that the current iPad 2 will probably be slashed in price:

With the talk of a reduced price iPad, this should allow Apple to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire, which it is thought ate into around 2 million lost iPad sales over the festive period. Yes Apple are scared of the e-commerce monster, and so they should be.

There is also a rumour emerging that they may bring in another cut price version of the iPad 3 or iPad 2 with only 8GB of memory to really compete on price with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook and expected Google Tablet.

iPad 3 to be $100 cheaper iPad 4 to arrive with killer applications later:

It is also thought that the new iPad 3 could be due a price reduction form the flagship high process that their current models command, and there is also an even more juicy rumour that an iPad 4 could be due for release at the end of the year with a serious upgrade to the operating system and “killer” applications.

Are you looking forward to the new iPad 3, or more interested in the serious upgrade that the iPad 4 may prove to be later on in the year?

Anthony Munns