iPad 3 Release Date Update LTE And Improved Display

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iPad 3 Release Date March?

With a very late review of the iPad 2 coming soon, it is nice to look at news of the new iPad 3 and speculate on what areas it will improve on its older brother.

The iPad 3 is due for release in March, and Bloomberg seem to think that the new device will have a sharper screen courtesy of a High Def display and also feature LTE access which we expected anyway.

A speed increase will be delivered via a quad core chip, and while suppliers are not named in the article, it has been rumored that the ramp up in production will mean February is a key time period in the pre-iPad 3 calendar as full steam will be well and truly ahead on the production lines.

With Apple now selling more than 40 million iPads globally, the tablet has brought revenues of some $25.3 billion into Apples coffers.

LTE key to future of mobile devices:

With space running out on conventional network bandwidth, and a boom in smartphone and tablet use putting ever increasing pressures on data transfer via the traditional internet networks, LTE will bring two important new areas to mobile devices:

Speed and increased efficiency of data transfer.

Both will work together in helping the globe go more mobile, and stop further clogging up of the networks as more of the populations of the US, Europe, Asia and the world go mobile crazy and demand more bandwidth while out and about.

With China having their Lunar New Year holiday in February, and Foxconn being the main assemblers of the iPad 3, it is thought that the device will start being delivered to customers in March at the earliest.

With news on an Apple event to be held next week related to education, we are not expecting to hear the above information from the horses mouth any time soon.

So does this kind of news excite you about the new iPad or are they simply beefing up an already capable tablet PC, and if so, what do you think they should be looking at including in order to cement their status as the manufacturer of the best Tablet PC on the market?…Arguably.

Anthony Munns