iPad 3 Release Date Update – Design To Stay Same

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iPad 3 design to stay the same:

The old saying “why fix it if it ain’t broken” applies to the iPad almost perfectly.

Here we have an icon of design that is so well executed it has not only spawned masses of imitators, with only the ASUS Transformer Prime coming anywhere near close to outshining the original tablet PC, but it also refuses to alter after years at the top.

So with this in mind, what do you really want of the new iPad 3?

Many will say;

“I want Apple to reinvent the wheel,”

And expect them to always bring them the new, slimmer, sexier iPad that we expect every few years.

Sorry to disappoint the design junkies:

I am afraid it looks like the next iPad will stay the same in design.

Now let us look at another saying that may make you happier.

“It is what is on the inside that counts.”

Yes your parent(s) or guardians should have told you this when you were younger, otherwise you probably turned into a narcissistic, drug addled little shit that has needed “help” ever since.

I am not one for religion in particular, but there are some decent elements at the base of most, and we shall be focusing on one of these humanistic levels for the next iPad.

Sure, the new version is likely to feature some nice features, but they will mainly be inside the device and we hope will more than make up for a lack of a new coat.

So what will be inside the new iPad 3?

You know Apple do not tell a thing prior to releases so let us do some fortune telling here.

Now according to iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz, he has touched and smelt the iPad 3 at CES 2012 over in Las Vegas. But we all know that Apple are not showing at the event.

So are people using the new iPad 3 unwittingly, if so, this sounds like it could be a bit of a lacklustre update visually, so what is going on underneath?

Well if rumours are to be believed the new iPad will be 1mm thicker with an improved camera to the top left corner, rumours of a smaller display were neither agreed nor shown as proof, but there has been talk.

iPad 3 due March 2012 – iPad 4 due Q4 2012?

With all this in mind, we would like to point you to our other article on the iPad 3 release date, that predicted pretty much the equivalent of an iPhone 4S update to the iPhone 4 for the next model of iPad, with a much bigger release of the iPad 4 to be expected later this year or early in 2013.

I also think that a price cut may be on the cards, and the new iPad 3 may sell for $100 less than it costs now, simply in order to stay competitive in this marketplace that Apple so desperately want to dominate.

Anthony Munns