iPad 3 4G Release Date Likely To Be 4th March

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iPad 3 gets early March release date:

A few things have happened of recent to make me think that the release date of the next iPad will actually be early March, with some saying the 4th.

iPad 3 To Have 4G On Verizon and AT&T March 4th Release
iPad 3 To Have 4G On Verizon and AT&T March 4th Release


  • We already predicted it!
  • Certain stores are now selling discounted iPad 2’s
  • Other retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Orange are stating that they are running out of iPad 2’s
  • Reliable sources at iMore say the same…so it has to be true….;)


So with all this in mind what is all this we hear about 4G on the iPad 3?

Will the iPad have 4G capabilities?

With some 38 or so frequencies that 4G will run on internationally, it is not as easy as manufacturers would like to simply offer 4G connectivity globally, yes it can be done but it currently comes at a price, so with this in mind and the alternative being a domestic 4G device that only works within your own territory what is the likelihood of the next iPad having international LTE 4G capabilities?

Well it seems that the iPad will certainly be 4G enabled in the US as the WSJ has confirmed suspicions that AT&T and Verizon will be host to the new 4G enabled iPad 3. Wether this extends to being global 4G connectivity is doubtful but perhaps an option will emerge at a price.

Unfortunately and rather annoyingly for the UK, the delays that have presented themselves in the roll out of 4G will mean that this new technology will not be available on mass for a few years, so we will probably be on the iPad 4 or 5 by the time this becomes truly relevant in the UK.

New apps means new screen?

It is likely that the much touted retina display will finally get a showing and new Apps being developed will make the most out of the 2048 x 1536 display, processor wise things are a little unclear with reports of an A6 quad core and an improved dual core ARM Cortex A9, which, if any, make the grade I am unsure of.

Anthony Munns