InMobi Increase Mobile Ad Impressions Due To In-App Adverts

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According to an article over at New Media Age, in app adverts for tablets and smartphones helped increase the number of mobile ads served by InMobi’s network by 251% to a figure of well over 230 billion impression in the last quarter of 2011.

Tablet owners helped increase amount of ad impressions:

With tablet owners generating some 11.2 billion impressions while using their device, this helped the Mobile Advertising firm increase their overall figures and saw a jump of 771% increase for tablet adverting impressions over the same time in 2010.

Manufacturers Share Of Impressions Mobile Adverts
Manufacturers Share Of Impressions Mobile Adverts

Similar story for smartphones:

There was a pretty similar story being told in the smartphone camp as InMobi saw increase of some 488% year on year with some 109 billion impression made in the last quarter of 2011.

Feature phones still very strong:

I would imagine that InMobi will reach a tipping point in the next year for more advanced devices to see a larger proportion of ad impressions.

But last year saw “feature phones” bringing in over 50% of the overall impressions made on their advertising network with some 54% or 125.8 billion impressions made on these devices.

Global Mobile Marketing InMobi
Global Mobile Marketing InMobi

Android biggest player overall:

With Apple dominating the charts of the top five most popular devices that obtain ad impression on the InMobi network, the O/S that really stands out is he Google owned Android platform which sees some 21.2% of all mobile ad impressions on one of the plethora of devices which has Android as its operating system used by various manufacturers.

Device Share Of Impressions Mobile Adverts
Device Share Of Impressions Mobile Adverts

Apple meanwhile, despite having four of the top five devices in the list, only achieve 16.7% of ad impressions made, which is still pretty huge considering this is one company and only four devices, with Nokia’s old Symbian O/S (now replaced with Windows Phone) accounting for a pretty hefty 18.8%, I imagine this will reduce slowly before hopefully increasing again for Nokai and Microsoft’s sake.

InMobi’s James Lamberti, VP of global research and marketing said,

“Mobile technologies have empowered the development of the media and advertising market and pushed consumer acceptance of media consumption through emerging channels. Advertisers are now on board with this trend and we expect to see strong innovation in this space as consumers spend more time on mobile devices and less on PCs.”

I think the further we go towards using more mobile centric devices, the more we will see rich media type advertising shining through, with associated benefits that include more user engagement in adverts, thus ticking the boxes of social media marketeers, corporations and ad networks, and with self serve platforms like Celtra I am sure there could be some cool mobile adverts coming out soon to a tablet or smartphone you.

Anthony Munns