IBM and HTC Scare Research In Motion After Joining To Provide Enterprise Smartphones

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IBM and HTC enter business land for Android Smartphones and Tablets:

It has been relatively quiet from those guys at Taiwan’s HTC corp, and perhaps we have a reason why.

Both IBM and HTC are looking to team up and try to corner the business sector with Android devices.

Flying in the face of Apple and Blackberry devices who currently seem to be the favored operating systems and choice of device for enterprise clients, it would be a shame for Android as an O/S to miss out on this highly lucrative niche and it will be unwelcome news that the new CEO of research in motion will not be looking to hear right now.

Is Android safe enough?

It has to be said that the Android marketplace is a little tatty to be seriously given the kind of access that a big corporation would allow their staff with malware continually creeping in unchecked, but that is not to say that these two will not be bring out their own version of Android with more restricted access to applications in the market or totally bespoke ones as is suggested by the original article, where IBM have developed business applications that can work in Android and HTC provide the conduits in terms of devices.

With the iPad being such a runaway success with no real competitor to note, and both the business world and consumers opting for Apples offering over Android tablets by and large, you can see why IBM and HTC could potentially be a nice combination, with IBM’s access to a vast range of global business clients who already use their huge array of services and products and HTC being a very well liked device manufacturer, could it work?

Time will tell on that front but it must be worrying for the new CEO of RIM as they try to find a new tack and either get back into the enterprise market with their new operating system and a sweet super device or two, or focus more on other avenues that will take them away from the wrong path they have chosen over the last few years.

Bespoke applications key to success?

It looks like HTC will be bringing out both smartphones and tablets for business users, and will allow businesses to work with third party developers to create bespoke applications for the devices running on Android.

With Apple not allowing this kind of free reign with their operating system it could be an avenue that works for large corporations who truly do want full control of their technology used in the workplace.

But, could we see RIM make their new operating system a little more open in which case this market could well and truly start to crowd with more than two fighting for your attention!

Source : TechWeekEurope

Anthony Munns