HTC Will Showcase Two Quad-Core Smartphones At MWC 2012

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Will HTC be showing two new models at the MWC 2012:

HTC have been looking a little stale lately, and even though their current offerings are perfectly sound, the fact is that both Samsung and Apple have been pushing out models that have in many ways superseded those on offer from HTC.

HTC Quad Core Smartphones
HTC Quad Core Smartphones

It looks like Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress may be the venue that the world finally gets to see the two new quad core smartphones from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Other manufacturers releasing similar superphones:

While we are looking forward to this new range of phones from HTC, and it would appear that JP Morgan are also happy about the prospect, with a new stock weight classification of “overweight” now being given to HTC.

The problem long term maybe that all the main manufacturers are also bringing out their new “superphone” ranges this coming year.

So you will have LG, Samsung and Motorola all in the same space very soon, but it may suit HTC to get in early while it is less crowded and pick up some early adopters of these quad core beasts.

Is power that important to you?

What do you think of the prospect of having so much power at your fingertips?

Do we really need it?

And do you worry that smartphone battery life will get compromised, and perhaps wish that we reigned in the power of our phones and sorted this area out first?

Having said that, there is some great battery technology coming out that should help this situation.

So is it game on for the Quad-Core action whatever the size of the battery or indeed device?

Let us know your thoughts on the potential release of these new HTC monsters in the comments below.

Anthony Munns