HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Not Stable

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Ice Cream Sandwich HTC Rezound Update Released:

Not another Ice Cream Sandwich update hullabaloo!

It seems that not withstanding Samsung Galaxy Nexus update problems and also ongoing ASUS Transformer Prime ICS update issues, it seems that HTC has felt left out in the difficult Ice Cream Sandwich updates arena.

So not to be out done for too long by competitors, HTC will now offer you an Ice Cream Sandwich update, currently coupled with associated issues and problems.

Yes, the ICS update so many have waited for will not currently be as stable as you may have hoped for on the Rezound, but as it is only a leaked version that people have trialled before the truly official release coming soon, then you only have yourself to blame for trying it.

Good advice, wait for official ICS updates:

Those that have had a go with this version have said that a watermark is present on their device meaning it is nigh on useless to use as your own true ICS update, so dont be clever, just wait on and do things the easy way.

The HTC Rezound is a pretty amazing bit of kit and comes with a 1.5 Ghz processor, and as a premium smartphone is also offered on 4G LTE, with Beats audio as standard. This lovely device is just waiting for a new Ice Cream Sandwich update and we will keep you posted on when this official version gets a full release, which we expect to be pretty damn soon.

Have you been waiting for the new ICS update, or have you gone for one of the less than trustworthy updates that are circling the web on various forums and posts?

Anthony Munns