HTC Profits Down – Superphones To The Rescue?

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HTC sees profits fall in 2011:

We have just released news stating that HTC are going to be coming back into the smartphone market with a bang at the MWC next month, with rumours of two or more new HTC quad core smartphones.

But after hearing pretty sombre news related to their own finances in, these new releases could probably not come about any quicker.

HTC 4th Quarter Financial Results:

HTC Profits 2011
HTC Profits 2011

These figures show that the finances of HTC have take quite a shock and profits are rumoured to be down by 25% compared to the same quarter last year.

With HTC making only TND $11,000 Million this year in sales compared to a much larger £14-15,000 million in the same quarter of 2010 when HTC had much more of a buzz about them.

New smartphones failed and tablet a flop:

Despite the bad news on profits in the last year, HTC remain pretty calm about it all and looking at overall net income, then it is easy to see why there is no huge panic at the firm just yet, as things are still looking quite healthy in this respect.

HTC Edge, HTC Quattro and HTC Ville – MWC 2012:

Yes, their tablet, the flyer, was a bit of a disaster in terms of getting much traction, and in this manner it essentially flopped. And new models that have arrived in the last 12 months have not been met with huge fan-fair as other more intriguing models from Apple and Samsung have taken the limelight, but HTC’s pedigree is good, and it will be with much anticipation that we all wait for news from the Mobile World Congress when they reveal two or three new smartphone offerings in a bid to get back to the top of peoples minds and wallets.

Rivals Samsung report record sales:

It must add some salt to the wounds though to see their South Korean rivals Samsung post record profits for 2011, though unlike RIM who are in pretty deep trouble, we expect HTC can come back with a good set of products in 2012 and turn this partial, but in many ways expected, financial misery around to a positive.

What do you think the next year will hold for HTC, are you looking forward to the release of their new models?

Anthony Munns