HP Offer Secure Risk Platform On An Integrated Level

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HP delve into secure risk based platform for Mobile devices:

Thanks to their new integrated security platform: Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) HP are looking to give enterprises a better view of what is happening across their more traditional mobile and cloud environments. They claim that through the use of this new SIRM service, businesses will be able to apply more flexible and adaptive security defences that are based around organisational risk that are unique to the business sector they work in.

Getting into the Security Race:

As HP aim to play a bigger role in the security market, they have come to realise that many organisations are under more and more pressure to ensure that their security systems can keep up with the ever increasing pace that is coming and many are struggling.

The rapid increase in popularity of Smart Phones, Tablet PC’s, Cloud based applications and storage is making organisations extend their infrastructure outside of their boundaries of security to protect the new areas that employees are working in, as the term bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming more well known.

Believing that its Security Intelligence and Risk Management can bridge the gap between the IT operations and security HP say that it is “helping organisations to move beyond a bolted-on, single-purpose product strategy.” The key significance of SIRM is that due to HP’s acquisition of ArcSight, Fortify and TippingPoint, to form the HP Security Products group last year, the system integrates the products that came with the purchases.

As an example, HP says that the HP EnterpriseView tool provides a dashboard to C-level Executives with a ‘heat-map’ the shows a prioritised view of risks across the enterprise. The view provides security executives with the ability to actively address high risks and deploy adaptive defences as rapidly as possible.

Along with EnterpriseView, HP Application Security Monitor (AppSM) is able to provide visibility into application security and increases the rate at which monitoring can be setup by reducing the requirement and cost of producing custom programming required.

HP Mobile Application Security protects the mobile applications through the use of line-of-code precision which identifies any potential security vulnerabilities on both the Android and Apple iOS.

The Risk of Cloud:

The risks that are associated with the use of cloud technology have also been taken into account by HP with their offering of HP Cloud Connections Partner Programme; this gives the management the ability to track user activity in Software-as-a-Service environments
To top it all off the HP compliance stack helps ensure physical, virtual and cloud systems meet compliance requirements of its customers.

The enterprise-class systems from HP don’t come with a cheap price tag given the nature of them.

HP EnterpriseView (Starting at): £157,569

HP AppSM (Per Applications Server): £3,151

James Hedges