Google Plan 7 Inch Tablet To Rival Amazon Kindle Fire

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Google tablet will Be 7 inch Amazon Kindle Fire rival:

We have been hearing rumours that google were going to enter the tablet market in 2012, and some believe that they are quite close to actually achieving this, but what many were unsure about was what level of tablet they were going to produce.

A number of categories are emerging in the very crowded tablet PC arena, with google likely to go for the mid to upper tier.

So that would effectively mean an iPad rival right down to a Kindle fire rival, with the mid priced options skirting either side of this extreme.

Google 7 inch tablet:

It is reported in digitimes that people “in the know” are stating that the new tablet will be more of an Amazon kindle fire device, maybe of the seven inch variety.

On top of this, it will be built on Android 4.0, AKA, Ice Cream Sandwich, and will actually be delivered at an even lower cost to the consumer than the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Google 7 Inch Tablet
Google 7 Inch Tablet

Christ on a bike this surely can only be good for the average joe.

Technology convergence:

So with Google TV looking to rival Apple TV and Amazon not yet entering the TV market with an actual device, 2012 could be the year of the internet TV, as technology starts to morph into one, with Google and Amazon both needing a decent Siri rival to start looking like top dogs in this fast paced industry.

Amazon have already signed deals with Disney-ABC and FOX, and will be looking to rival Netflix with their own video on demand eco-system, so could it be that we see google bring in their own version of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon bring in their own version of Google TV with both using their respective tablets as some form of TV controller perhaps with or without a Siri equivalent for voice control.

Exciting times ahead on this frontier that is for sure.

3D TV almost looks like black and white now!

Anthony Munns