Galaxy Note US Release Date

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The Galaxy Note is due to arrive in the US soon:

Samsung have announced a few hours before the CES event in Las Vegas that it will be bringing the giant smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note to the US.

The stylus enhanced 5.3 inch super sized smartphone will be brought to the US and the device will be available on AT&T running on their 4G network.

Samsung Galaxy Note US Release Date
Samsung Galaxy Note US Release Date

Pricing of the US version of the Galaxy Note?

No details have yet emerged on the actual pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note in the US, so we will have to keep our eyes peeled on this as and when news emerges.

Galaxy Note has nice features:

If size is your thing, you will be pleasantly happy with this phone as its size means it offers features that other phones would find hard to deliver.

One being the use of a small stylus termed an “S Pen”, which is housed in the device, and can be used to write on the huge screen almost the same as writing on paper, this is obviously useful for note taking.

In a nice little extra feature, the notes you take can be shared across multiple devices.

Galaxy Note huge screen:

With a huge screen, it has huge appeal to those who are less worried about bulges in their pants, and more concerned over screen real estate so they can play games or watch video on their smartphones while out and about, which this phones screen offers in abundance with a huge 5.3 inch in width.

Based on the Android operating system, the phone has been missing from US consumers clutches ever since it was launched back in October, so this news will make for lots of smiles for those wondering whether to wait in hope or simply go and pick up an alternative smartphone.

So are you looking forward to the Galaxy Note finally coming to the US or has other smartphones got your attention now you have had to wait so long?

Anthony Munns