Galaxy Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich Reboot Problems

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Ice Cream Sandwich Problems Grow For Nexus Owners:

What is it with the Google flagship device the Galaxy Nexus? Ever since its arrival as the first son of the new ICS, it has been tarnished with issues related to the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 Operating System it comes equipped with.

First of all we had Nexus signal issues, then we had reboots, and it seems that while the first issue was solved, the reboot problem just keeps surfacing again and again. We also had a pretty random nexus touchscreen issue reported while playing games, but this was seen as pretty rare.

It would appear that the problem is more common for owners of the GSM device version, as CDMA model owners are not reporting the issues as frequently.

The issue is documented on the Google Mobile Help Forum.

Currently there appear to be no real explanations of why the issue arises.

Nexus reboot totally random and increasing in frequency:

Some of those affected are also complaining that their problem seems to be increasing in frequency and that reboots can happened while the device is idle or playing music or games.

This all sounds a bit crazy and something that Samsung and Google need to work hard at to resolve, especially as this is their flagship smartphone that carries the torch for both companies currently.

Indeed Google are working hard to solve the issue and we will keep you posted on news related to the problems detailed.

Have you gone out and bought the new Galaxy Nexus, a fine looking phone that has unfortunately not appeared without a few issues to halt its crowning glory.

If you have had the signal issues we have reported before or are having this reboot issue occur to your new smartphone, please do let us know and if you have found a way around the problem please let our readers learn from your efforts, I will be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for news on how to help you out.

And if you can also let us know which variant you are using and if you are having problems like the ones above, speak up.

So if you are a GSM owner or CDMA owner, let us know your issues or lack of problems and your device type.

Anthony Munns