Fun Stuff To Do With Texting


Fun Stuff you didn't know you could do with texting

Almost everyone has access to a cell phone, and the majority of those people have unlimited or very cheap text messaging. While SMS is a great platform for communication with friends, family, and coworkers, there are some other really fun uses that you may not know about. Playing games, updating your personal productivity system, and sending emails are all very real possibilities using nothing but text messaging or instant messaging.

There are a variety of games available for use via texting. There are the obvious ones, like playing simple word games. Chess wizards the world over use text messaging to show their moves remotely. There are even some gaming services available that allow you to compete against friends by comparing knowledge of trivia.

Thumb Flurry:

Another fun and innovative game for text messaging is called Thumb Flurry. One person sends out a text with a long message to 2 or more other people – often a quote, a funny phrase, or other passage. The goal is for the recipients to re-type the message back as fast as possible, without any mistakes. A mistake may result in time being added to the score, or even disqualification from the round depending on the rules.

If productivity is more your style, it can be very rewarding to set up text message entries and alerts to your favorite app. This way, you can add to your shopping or to-do list while on the go, or even receive alerts at certain times of the day via text message. These services are common to most online productivity suites, including Remember the Milk, Google Apps, and Evernote.

Sending an email using your phone's text messaging features can be another fun way to keep in touch with others. People from the older generation who may be just entering the world of email may not have a phone with text messaging abilities yet. This is a great way to send texts to them.

Many phone providers have this capability built-in, but if you're not sure how to use it, you may need to contact the company your service is through. Usually there is a default phone number that emails can be sent to, with the email address and subject line separated by the '#' symbol.

There are a lot of unexpected little uses for SMS and text messaging. Games, email, and productivity reminders can all bring a little bit of extra fun and usefulness to a BlackBerry or other mobile phone.


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