Fujitsu Quad Core Smartphone

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Fujitsu releases a Quad Core smartphone:

CES looked like it would be the event that brings Quad-Core smartphones to the masses, we have already seen a number of new devices that will sport extremely powerful processing power but as of yet none that had a quad-core processor. Now we hear that Fujitsu will be making their own smartphone in the form of their new device with exactly that.

Fujitsu Quad Core Smartphone
Fujitsu Quad Core Smartphone

Fujitsu not known for smartphones:

With the arrival of the new Lenovo K800 Intel based smartphone that we reported on earlier.

It would seem that more and more of the big Japanese and Chinese tech companies who have perhaps missed the ride so far, just could not resist getting in on the mobile tech world for too long, as two unknowns to the mobile marketplace enter with pretty serious offerings.

With no name for this device as yet, and the actual phone kept as more of a display model at CES 2012 as it is still in prototype, there is perhaps a lot less to talk about currently than we would have liked.

But, nonetheless, we can inform you of some of its features and get into rumourland about when the phone may make an appearance and what it may contain in terms of hardware and software.


  • 1.2 GHz 4 core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • LTE Support
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • 4.6-inch display
  • A ‘liquid crystal’ 4.6-inch display


This Fujitsu phone will be making a proper showing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few weeks time.

And as far as release dates go, I would expect the second half of 2012, but not sure at all on this.

A new feature that is somewhat unexpected is that a fifth processor will be used to ensure that battery life is improved while the phone us running after all that power hungry Quad-Core processing is working away underneath…how this works I really do not know, and I may come back on this at a later date to explain more.

So what do you think to yet another smartphone device that will enter this insanely crowded market from a newcomer?

Are you an Apple iPhone owner wondering how the hell you ever make a decision to buy an Android based device?

Anthony Munns