Ebay Will Make Huge $8 Billion In Sales Via Mobile Devices In 2012

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Ebay Will Make Huge Sales On Mobile Devices:

In a keynote speech delivered on Wednesday, Ebay CEO John Donahoe turned fortune teller, quite literally.

As the prediction he told was that Ebay would be making 2012 a record year for mobile payments on Ebay and that the 2012 GMV (Global mobile gross merchandise volume) would increase dramatically. He then went on to suggest that the actual figure in sales via mobile devices for 2012 may top a staggering $8 billion.

With Ebay and Paypal very much hand in glove, it is interesting to see that Paypal expect to see a global mobile TPV (Total Per Volume) of $7 billion over the same period, which is again growing steadily over 2011.

Ebay more than doubling mobile sales year on year:

“Mobile plays a significant role in how eBay Inc. is enabling commerce and using technology to connect consumers and provide new ways for them to shop when, where and how they want, the success of eBay and PayPal mobile in 2011 surpassed our expectations and we’re confident that this success will carry into 2012 as more shoppers turn to the convenience of shopping and paying via mobile at the moment shopping inspiration hits.”

With Ebay doubling their 2012 GMV with a $5 billion figure in 2011, up from $2 billion in 2012, it seems like the sky is the limit for mobile payments right now.

Have you been using your tablet or smartphone to make payments you might have normally done over an actual phone or on a computer or laptop? I certainly have.

There is no doubt that mobile growth will accelerate all forms of payment systems including NFC which I predict will catch on much more this year as more and more devices and retailers catch on to the simple idea of making it less difficult to part with your cash…wallets say goodbye, the next credit disaster say hello!

Anthony Munns