BT Reaches 3.5m Wi-Fi Hotspot Milestone

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BT have hit the 3.5 million target for Hotspot users:

As much as I dislike BT in many ways, I can not help but sense that they are the only ones looking to invest some real time and money into the roll out of 4G across the UK, this includes first of all giving UK customers a decent Wi-Fi experience, and with this in mind it seems that they have now hit a milestone of 3.5 million public Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and Republic Of Ireland….mainly donated by you of course!

BT Wi-Fi Hotspots Hit 3.5 Million Across UK
BT Wi-Fi Hotspots Hit 3.5 Million Across UK

Those hotspots by location:


  • 380,000 in London
  • 25,000 in Leeds
  • 25,000 in Birmingham
  • 20,000 in Manchester
  • 20,000 in Edinburgh
  • 20,000 in Sheffield
  • 11,000 in Liverpool
  • 11,000 in Brighton
  • 11,000 in Bristol
  • 11,000 in Cardiff
  • 320,000 in Scotland
  • 170,000 in Wales


BT’s consumer managing director John Petter said:

“Millions of BT broadband customers are enjoying free access to one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks in the world,”

With over 900,000 downloads for the BT hotspot app that finds the nearest connection suitable for your mobile device (to paying BT customers) it woudl seem to be a success in terms of numbers, but is the experience any good?

Well reports are mixed but I have to say fair play to the company, at least they are trying to push technology where others are more cautious in a share and share a like kind of manner….who cares so long as it works.

The hotspots are currently free to BT’s six million home and business broadband subscribers and the new BlackBerry App will provide users with easier hotspot login. BT has released apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices which locate and connect customers to their nearest BT hotspot.

You can now ever get Wi-Fi underground at Charing Cross as a subterranean trial gets under way as well as 100 pubs in the London area after a deal with Heineken.

Are you happy to let your own BT wireless connection be used as part of the growing network in order to get your free access?

Anthony Munns