Blackberry Cut Price Of UK Playbook To £169

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RIM slash Playbook tablets in UK as well as the US:

Research in motion released the Blackberry Playbook tablet to UK audiences in June last year, and we have already reported on how the Playbook price cut in the US aimed to get rid of their old stock.

Blackberry Playbook Reduced In UK
Blackberry Playbook Reduced In UK

UK buyers see RIM Playbook price reduction also:

Now UK consumers can benefit from RIM’s decision to “get rid”, as they have seemingly reduced the unit price for retailers in the UK, as most we have looked into are selling the models at varying prices from:


  • £169,99 for the 16GB playbook
  • £199,99 for the 32GB playbook
  • £329,99 for the 64GB playbook


UK buyers will have sliding price scale it seems:

As RIM do not sell their playbook tablets via their online store in the UK, and only go through high street and online retailers. It is interesting to see that the blanket price that US buyers received for their playbook tablets has not been passed onto UK consumers.

I am personally unsure if this is UK retailers and networks cashing in on what you would normally expect the price range to be, or just a reflection of the relationship that UK businesses have with the Canadian firm.

In the US, the playbooks are ALL selling for $299, for the 16GB tablet, right up to the 64GB model.

So what do you think of this deal, would you still like to get onto the Blackberry bandwagon when you have a choice of iOS or Android as an alternative to the RIM operating system.

There is no doubt that the price looks attractive, but with Amazon due to release their Kindle Fire in the UK some time soon, is it really all that attractive when there are so many options out there with perhaps better eco-systems.

Anthony Munns