ASUS Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems Nearly Fixed

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ASUS transformer prime update problems:

It seems like Ice Cream Sandwich has plagued many device owners on an upgrade, and the ASUS transformer prime is no exception, but we have good news.

Yes, it appears that they are close to getting a working solution to the problems that have persisted so far, as the device was given the update OTA (over the air) the problems that occurred seemed to be where serial numbers were not being recognized, and as a result the update was not completing.

Fix to the problem of ICS:

Electronista are saying that you should simply do a factory reset to sort the problem out and wait for the ASUS update that should resolve these problems.

Various ROMs are available on the XDA forums as you would expect after the initial OTA release.

It does appear that ASUS have been using the XD forums to help debug this issue and from what I can gather it looks likely that a solution will be winging its way to device owners pretty damn soon.

So while you can go on at Motorola for being a bit crap with this ICS release, some would say that the late Motorola Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich Update which was expected sooner, could at least work properly when it arrives….so who was wiser, Motorola for waiting a while till a full release, or ASUS for getting it out quickly but facing a bad rep for it not being fully tested?

I will pass that over to you guys!

Anthony Munns