ASUS Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update CES

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ASUS Transformer Prime is due an update in more ways than one:

With the release of the ASUS transformer prime tablet only just occurring for US consumers, it appears that ASUS are already looking at delivering an upgrade, so what will they be changing on their Ice Cream Sandwich tablet?

ASUS Transformer Prime ICS Update
ASUS Transformer Prime ICS Update

Problems associated with original ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet:

With occasional issues reported for US buyers of the tablet in relation to WiFi and GPS, some are wondering if now would be a good time to wait for the actual full on improvement to the tablet.

CES unveils upgrade plans:

So what would you be getting if you decided to wait for the upgrades to actual manifest themselves and appear on the shelves?


  • Fixes to the problems mentioned above
  • Higher resolution to 1920 x 1200
  • Front facing camera upgraded to 2 megapixel


On top of this, owners of existing ASUS transformer primes will be able to update their device to Ice Cream Sandwich via OTA, which was due to go live on the 12th of January, but has been brought forward a couple of days and is now offered as an OTA update right now..

So with all this news of updates are you happy that ASUS do not seem to be hanging about with key upgrades to the Transformer Prime Tablet?

Or, do you get a bit annoyed when devices you buy are almost immediately made into yesterdays news?…compensation…?

Such is the way of technology I am afraid.

I think it is great that ASUS are on the ball and sharp with this update and the improvement to their devices, if there is a problem, fix it. If there is not a a problem do not mess, simple!

This news will be a nice break from ASUS v HASBRO news that has been washing the internet with more litigation talk about the use of certain terms in their products.

Are you in the market for an ASUS Transformer Prime tablet? If so, tell us why?

Anthony Munns