ASUS Transformer Prime Customers To Get Refund

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UK owners of the new ASUS transformer prime will get refunds:

We have covered the issue of the Quad Core ASUS transformer prime Ice Cream Sandwich update problems and issues using 3G, and WiFi freezes on the device before this article (as well as pretty much every other Android device that has gone for the ICS update), so what has changed in the UK to warrant an update for owners of the relatively new ASUS device?

ASUS UK offer refunds:

Well, it appears that ASUS in the UK have dug deep and now come up with a pretty fair package, if your unhappy with your Transformer Prime, simply take it back for a full refund.

You can not say fairer than this but it has been at the cost of lots of friction and perhaps a tarnished reputation for ASUS in the UK as the Ice Cream Sandwich update has just been a total disaster for so many, there have been apologies from ASUS, attempts to fix the problems, and now a promise of a full refund if you are indeed pi***ed off with the ICS update plague.

As an Apple owner there is a rule to never ever get an iTunes update or Mac O/S update straight away, it is not that Android is inherently buggy, it is just that the fragmentation of the Android marketplace leaves much more room for errors on differing devices, and the first releases of new O/S’s may well (as can be seen) have many issues that need resolving over a short period, despite testing prior to release.

ASUS offer extended warranty:

ASUS are going one step further though and if you wish to keep your device they will now extend their warranty to 18 months in order to alleviate any worries that may surface now or after with this crappy update!

Anthony Munns