ASUS Transformer Missing Face Unlock Feature Unlocked But Risks Associated

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ASUS transformer ICS Update face unlock feature unlocked!

I have been a proud owner of an Asus Transformer since this past summer.

ASUS Face Unlock Transformer ICS Update
ASUS Face Unlock Transformer ICS Update

I love everything about it and all that Android has to offer.

However, I recently received the much anticipated ICS update, and I realized that something is missing. Everything was running smoothly after the update and I was in Android heaven when I suddenly realized that the face unlock feature was not there!

I immediately went to the web to discover that l could not find an Android tablet running standard ICS that did have the face unlock feature. Many people are very disappointed, as the face unlock is one of the highlight features in the ICS operating system.

I myself was disappointed and frustrated. I couldn’t wait to show off the face unlock technology to all my friends. I did a little poking around in the new OS to see what I could find and stumbled across the “missing” face unlock. it was under the programs list on the device.

ASUS ICS Face Unlock:

I did more research to find that the application was being hidden on purpose from users. Many people are speculating on the reason for the “missing” face unlock.

One claim is that Google has chosen to hide the feature on tablets because of a major security flaw that the unlock presents. A picture of a face is enough to unlock the device, without having the owner physically there.

A friend of mine could unlock my device by displaying a picture of my face to the camera. Another rumor is that the feature will become available in smaller, future updates to tablets.

There are various other claims floating around the tech community but I myself feel that the reason is a combination of the two claims I presented above.

My guess is that Google saw the security flaw in earlier ICS phone updates and decided it would be most beneficial to just leave it out of tablets altogether until the flaw is fixed. Please share any information or personal speculations below!

Tyler Mikulec