ASUS Padfone Release Date And Preview

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ASUS bringing out new Padfone at MWC Barcelona

With ASUS first showing the world their new Padfone in 2011 at the Computex IT conference in May of last year, the overall design and look was met with some pretty curious glares, such is its odd take on a smartphone and tablet.

Smartphone / Tablets way forward?

ASUS Padfone Smartphone In Disguise
ASUS Padfone Smartphone In Disguise

With the Samsung Galaxy Note being rather fondly taken into the bosom of many new owners, it seems that size could after all be everything, and with the talk of the new iPhone 5 being potentially somewhat larger in the screen department, this size thing seems to be catching.

Larger screen can mean a larger battery win-win?

In all honesty there appears to be another benefit for going super size when it comes to smartphones and mobile devices, and that is the ability to place in a much larger battery and stop those annoying smartphone battery life moaners from telling all and sundry how blighted they are with their inept devices that they expect to last for 15 days through hell and high water on one charge.

So how does this actual device work?

The new Padfone from ASUS will bring together a marriage of two devices, which both run on the Android operating system, and which when combined will share common features such as internet connection, battery and storage.

The device will only need one SIM with the phone acting like a normal smartphone, but with the addition of a 10.1 inch mobile tablet monitor which makes it into a tablet in essence.

In a similar vain to the ASUS transformer prime, a docking system will allow you to connect the two together at the back of the case, giving you a much larger screen option when needed, with the screen making use of the phones 3G connection when it needs to and also offering itself as a battery charger, a pretty neat set of functions, and one which does sate many general needs and wants of modern mobile users.

Easily shift between phone and tablet:

With data synchronisation happening seamlessly, it appears that the devices sync automatically with screen layouts getting adopted across both devices.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system:

It appears that the device will launch with Android’s newest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system already installed, and will utilise an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, it will be intriguing to see how this new smartphone-come-tablet is received by the attendees at MWC and what the biggest people to win over will have to say about the padfone, the general public!

Looks pretty sweet though I must say.

Anthony Munns