ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich Update Schedule

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ASUS Transformer Update Schedule:

The Android ICS 4.0 upgrade has not been without problems for many devices, so it is perhaps good news that the earlier release of the ASUS Eee pad will now bring ICS but slightly later than the troubled Transformer Prime ICS update which is now seeing refunds being offered to certain users who have had issues with the upgrade and want tehir money back here in the UK.

We now hear that owners of the ASUS Eee pad will get their ICS update sometime in February with a report that the middle of the month is likely.

With ASUS promising an update this month, there are no hard statements from the company as to the specific dates of the update but according to a report on Electronista, it looks likely that mid February will see the update being released to owners.

In a reply on their facebook account to the question:

When will ICS be available for The original Transformer? Cant wait any longer!

ASUS North America replied:

Sorry for the confusion, HQ told me this morning it is looking more like mid-February for ICS on the TF101. The Slider update will come after the Transformer.

Ice Cream Sandwich update:

Once finalised and finally delivered it is expected that the new operating system will bring speed efficiency to the overall user experience and the UI as well as a new interface to use the device on.

We do hope that the ASUS Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Problems are not replicated on this earlier ASUS tablet device and that the extra time offered this upgrade will iron out issues before a full release is expected in February.

The update is expected pretty soon for Wi-Fi only devices but is not expected to be a quite as dramatic an improvement as the update delivers for Android smartphone owners, but assuming all is smooth and there are no huge issues with the update it looks like a worthy move to get your tablet up to speed with the new Android operating system.

Let us know how things go when it finally gets unleashed!

Anthony Munns