iOS App Sales Have Paid $4 Billion To App Developers

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Apple pay $4 billion to Apple iOS developers:

With the news that the iPad is hovering above the 55% of overall tablet sales globally and that Apple for a brief period have become the globes most costly company on paper beating Exonn once again, it is interesting to hear of the actual figures from the transfer of cash to developers that keep Apples iOS platform and app store as the market leader.

$4 Billion Paid Out To Apple App Developers
$4 Billion Paid Out To Apple App Developers

Huge amount paid out:

Yes, since June 2010 when the figure was still a staggering $1 billion, the official figure today suggests that Apple have now paid out around $4 billion to app developers globally,

iPad 3 to arrive in two months or less?

This figure is likely to see a surge as new devices are brought out into the market, first to be seen is likely to be the iPad 3 and later on we are told to expect the new iPhone 5 which has been a long time coming but could see a larger screen and totally new design, either way, these new devices will mean an increase in the iOS consumer base.

As a result, the growth and sale of applications should continue growing for some time coming, much to the glee of those very app developers who seem to be onto quite a lucrative thing!

Android catching up:

Of course Googles Android O/S is huge also, and Eric Schmidt is seen stating that their own marketplace will continue to grow as more developers make Android “a priority” over Apple, this is an inevitability of a very popular O/S but will not for one minute mean that Apple lose ground in a way that causes any major issues to the company….for now!

Anthony Munns